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I wanna get into doing animation....where should i start?
Hi everyone...or rather everyone to usually gets messages like "could you give feedback on my artwork? I'm sorry if i asked before i usually forget if i did or not"

Honestly...thats why i come back to this site you know? yes the artwork I've seen looks amazing and you the artist should be proud^^ and the compliments i give out i truly mean it i really do cause hey its not like i could pull off something like being serious.

and i want to learn, i want to improve, i also want to interact with you people know what i mean? with good intentions^^ 

so im not really "fishing" for comments from other people to make me feel good i mean...yeah it feels good but i really do wanna improve on my craft and really be a great artist^^ and hey look being strict is one thing and i don't mind a little harsh but please be honest and sensitive you know?

and throwing this out their i do NOT trace artwork okay? references? yes i use them but no tracing on any of my artwork okay? (geez...)

Hi! Um….look hear me out on this okay? So there is this group FULL of talented artists mostly sprite animators called “Hyper Gauge” most of those animators used to work for screwattack’s show “Death Battle” but they broke off and started their own studio and they’ve been doing well! But they still need support from others! It’d be appreciated if you could lend them a hand by either keeping up with there facebook page or follow them on there twitter or youtube channel…

 and if you really like what you see and wanna join them don’t hesitate to contact them.… instant message them and ask questions on way you can support and/or join them^^ look if its not your thing im not forcing you too…and if I asked something like this already or stuff like this me advertising for them is something you don’t want to see I get it okay? Just don’t get too mad at me…but im not begging you to go support them I understand really I do! If I wasted your time im very sorry…im just looking out for others…at least im trying too…

oh my God...Oh my God! i feel SO bad for not watching this sooner but it was so worth it! and im not gonna spoil anything about it cause i hope YOU will consider watching this brilliant show. Yes its kinda like Attack on Titan but...its different. Characters and their personality, setting, animations, overall story telling etc. but if i were to compare this to Attack on Titan id say it leaves more questions than answers and well...thats a good thing^^ i wanna keep guessing however I REALLY want another season to be made and finish up the storyline. it's animes like this that has so much potential to be not too great but not ready to fall flat and be forgotten. so underrated but tries its hardest (not too hard) to be overrated! I'm so happy i watched this sooner and i hope they make a season 3 or something! *phew*…
Thank you~ for those who ever got this kind of messages in your inbox:

"may I ask you a favor? Its up to you if you want to do this for me or not…I’m still learning and I wanna get better, would it be fine if you can critique some of my artwork and give off a honest and positive opinion about it? I do want to improve but how can I when I get little feedback? Again if you don’t want to its fine no worries. Also if you do give me feedback on my drawings I would REALLY appreciate it if you left a comment on my actual artwork so you can go into detail and I can better understand (and not leave a full comment back via note or whatever…)


And….if I asked you something like this before in the past im sorry, I didn’t mean to badger you for feedback back and forth. Im a forgetful person and if I asked you this already again im very sorry. I hope you can forgive me…if you don’t want to do it im not forcing you…"

i honest appreciate you all taking the time to comment on my work and giving me feedback to improve on my drawings and i have been working very hard^^ the confidence is JUST what i need~ i mean look how many comments i got for this drawing for example: 

Shiny MegaCharizard X by FantasyRebirth96

I mean WOW! over 300 comments? so again Thank you all for the advice, feedback, helpful tips, advice and ill work much harder^^

What's "Toon Boom" and how good of an animation program is it?

and what other "good" animation programs can i use? you know programs most animation studios use?
I JUST beaten that game yesterday and i feel refreshed and exhausted....i wanna get some quick thoughts out of the way. this game...sigh this game isnt half bad its a VERY good game not great but not terrible. its not all fan service, boobs and eechi nasty junk people see this for...its not all that (well it is but...look hear me out)
its a seesaw going up and down depending on how you play and who your playing as...story? well if your not interested then no harm skipping the cutscenes dont worry your not missing out on anything. gameplay is clean but not spotless and im cool with that. the playable characters have they're own unique style to them on how they fight and i find that very creative and good gameplay. but the combos in 50% of the characters are mindnumbing and painful cause its terrible and hard to control. music? amazing. level designs? brilliant and colorful. enemies? they look more like shinobi then some of the playable characters-_- and thats it~ i had fun and I recommend picking this game up^^

but heres something to let you people know what your getting yourselves into

can I ask you something super important? say have you ever heard of the term Sakuga? if not i highly recommend you look into it

read this okay?… but if not try watching videos like this~

and pay VERY close attention to this video~


plus id be much appreciated if you can watch this video and afterwards please take a kookie at this…; thank me later~

Please help this amazing artist by participating in a very special project she's doing!! read the journal so you can discuss stuff(and don't talk to me about it talk to the artist okay?! thank you guys!!^^
now watch this video! the whole thing then hear me out on this okay? are you watching? are you? ill be upset if your not!

done watching? okay good~ so overall and in all Honestly i dont mind Asuna losing! she's my favorite character on the show and I respect her alot but it was a great fight overall~ got hyped looking at the tumbnail (See SAO fanboys? im being a good sport about it) but wow the people in the comments are getting way out of hand I've been seeing and yes i shouldn't pay no mind to the comments section but still the hate on Asuna is too real....if anything i see she has good character development in the show seasons 1 and 2 and for part 2 in season 1 you can't blame her for being useless cause for the rest of the show (sorry for the spoilers) she was trapped in a stupid bird cage utterly helpless and a damsel in distress and that upset me a lot for she had lots of badass moments~

*sigh* anyways this video is amazing, the person who made this is amazing, and i highly encourage people to give their support! thanks for reading this^^

what are your thoughts? please say your honest and motive opinions~ and again go support the person who made this cause they worked quite hard on this^^
I'm off on another road trip this weekend and I'm currently hammering out as much messages as i can before i if things doth get responded via feedback right away ya'll know why XD

also sorry i haven't been uploading here as much but if you wanna see some of my current drawings look at my instagram account~…
ugh i leave for a few days and i get trolled by someone for being a "nice person" okay ill admit it i say the same thing (kinda) on other people's artwork but I'm not being lazy about it and the comments i give out are constructive and encouraging. how does that "bother" people? i mean its not like I'm just gonna hit Favorite and run off,i leave a comment i mean hey its better then nothing right? right? and yes me putting out those kidna of comments like "Excellent Work! Brilliant Job! Pretty Awesome! Great Stuff! seriously, so much time, effort, and even creativity put into this^^ your a very talented person and i hope you continue to do tons more fascinating and impressive stuff~" I'm not fishing for feedback or anything like that! I'm really not! why can't people get that? its just a nice comment to say thats all. thats all! if you don't like it its whatever but don't make a post (and tag me letting me know) the way i comment on people's drawings "bothers" you. suck it up and deal with it. its not like I'm saying bad things about others! I'm not!

some guy not gonna say who cause unlike him i don't expose people the way that guy did is bothered by the way i comment on people's artwork and has the nerve to make fun of me for it. wow really? really? i literally don't understand how that bothers him but i don't care i just got by from a painful car trip excited to come back to this site, after taking a well deserved rest nay to see something bad as that? yeah ill admit I'm butthurt by this and i blocked the dude and reported the post hoping it gets taken down. a nice respectful to me and ill return the favor. but don't troll me especially if you don't know me. i don't tolerate people who annoy me and i HATE being annoyed. sorry...i really needed to blow off some steam~
hey all I'm going away for the weekend and i would like a break from deviant art for a few days so...sorry in advance for not responding to messages~


well since theres nothing better to do as of now I'm in the mood for starting a conversation the otaku I am. Kinda wish a handful of certain anime deserves a Video Game Series….like Madoka Magica, Kill La Kill (idk how they make it work but eh) Sailor Moon (itd make a great “beat em up”), the recent anime i just got done Myriad Phantom World and a few other underrated shows that deserve it. I mean im not wrong am i?

I said something that someone got the wrong idea of and I've said my sorrys more ties then i can count but i can't tell if they forgive me or not....

i was just confused on how Commissions and Commissioning Fan art as well as patreon works...thats all....i never meant to insult anyone!i wasn't causing anyone of stealing characters and people getting the wrong idea of me! i swear it! God i can't stand this feeling...haa.....i hate this emotional pain...i want it to go away i hate it!

......i feel so broken after what happened....i just hope people don't come after me and getting the wrong idea as well...slowly trying to piece myself together with sheer confidence...
hello everyone! I've opened up a Patreon account! its be great if you could support me! if you donate so much as a dollar i will post up a doodle! donate $5 and you get to request me a drawing from me!…
Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes~ i didnt go :party: ing hard but i ate some :cake:  XD
I've watch seasons 1-6 (skipped the jar jar episodes and c3pO episodes cause obvious reasons) and the series is such sheer brilliance~ I've been on my Star Wars grind for quite sometimes I've had thoughts of making Star Wars OCs. I've come to a conclusion that not going to as much as i want too. it'll be too time consuming and well i don't wanna focus on them too much as apposed to drawing more fan art and eventually drawing my OCs. but (and not to toot my own horn) but i can come up with some pretty neat ideas.....i could design a boy (late teens) as this "grey Jedi" (I've learned but not too much i know about it) getting into the crossfires of war after living a clam life alone after his parents (mom:jedi dad: sith) passing. then one day he sees a random jedi die on the battlefield and the boy picks up his lightsaber (blue) and runs off wile the enemy comes or him mistaking him for a jedi. and wile running to different planets his force abilities grow and so on......something like that i said I'm going through a star wars phase that'll pass like the wind and i wouldn't do it cause its just too time consuming and if this phase passes then i wouldn't be motivated to do it so theres no point in doing'd still be pretty also make a character strong with the force but she dosent wield lightsabers....rather blasters...yeah....blasters...(what? I'm different....not all force wielders have to have a lightsaber right?) i mean i can still just think about it in my head and maybe if the phase comes back ill make an attempt maybe change things up a not sure....pffff Sith or jedi even they can't predict the future XD

anyways The Clone Wars really goes into the lore of the star wars universe then ever before and it dosent focus on one character (anakin) it focuses on many other characters, different stories that connect to the end its amazing. Ahsoka Tano is my favorite since she had to go through good and bad days of a war that seem to have no end in sight and how she progressed to become not just a strong jedi but a powerful well developed character. my second is....well its spoilers but ill ill say is Darth Maul (not saying more cause i rather have you watch the series if you haven't yet) anyways i plan on drawing Ahsoka since i love her outfit and sabers mid season 3 and yes I've watch Rebels and watching that show cause Ahoska's back thats all XD

anyways i highly recommend watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix or any streaming site~ and ill leave you all with this.....its spoilers but at the same time its not if your not sure whats going on...just watch this video and it'll give yo ua reason to watch this show^^

or if you don't have time to marathon the whole show due to school,work etc. then nothing wrong with spending your hour watching the lightsaber duels~

so yesterday i went to see the new Star Wars movie...great movie btw (aside from the climax...ugh....wish it was longer...and better...i mean not like Phantom Menace final battle all epic and stuff but hey it could be worse)

and well my favorite Character is… Kylo Ren! cause of his design and his awesome Lightsaber!

but i wanna draw Soma… from God i haven't played the games but i watched the anime and he's so awesome!

so choose! should i draw Kylo Ren or Soma?
i might not be around on Christmas Day so ill say this in advance XD Spend lots of time with your Family and Open Presents^^