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Before I vent and stuff I just wanna say I don’t wanna hear. “oh other people do it, its a lot of fun…” or “just get over it its really not that bad” or "oh your just copying/tracing original anime/cartoon characters and you should draw your original characters" because I’ll just not respond to your comment. That’s all to it. I’m sorry but if your gonna be that guy/girl that’ll say things I already know I just wont respond same with people saying nasty or smart ass things that are just disrespectful I just won’t respond and most likely block you. That’s all.


This is something I have ALWAYS been having trouble with. Being Original. I watched…A LOT of cartoons and I started watching more mainstream and underground anime for a good 4-5 years or so. So I gotten a lot of inspiration from those shows and stuff. Ive also seen many artist not just deviantart but in real life. Creating stories for there original characters and the world there in. its so creative and sometimes there OCs and there stories behind them aren’t based off of something else its completely original. Its amazing truly is. But why can’t I be origjnal? Not just making my Own characters but being original in general.


In class today people were doing there projects and there designs were amazing and WAY BETTER THEN MINE (…im not gonna say what my project is…the less you know the better…) and mine was a disappointment as usal. It wasn’t that creative at all. I ended up just doodling in class but even my doodles weren’t original I looked up some darksiders 2 concept art on google and doodles what I saw. Is that visual tracing? Seeing something and just drawing the same exact thing. Is that still tracing? Its copying I know but tracing? And I hate it when people ask if im tracing a drawing. NO I’m not! Ugh it annoys me so much. Im not tracing anything I just can’t memorize it in my head very well. I’m getting better at memorizing things now but not 100% so I still need a reference. Its how I draw. But I try and draw say pokemon for example in a different pose. For example go look at a picture of MegaCharizard X. now I draw that but now a days I draw him differently the best I can. Like his eyes are looking to the left instead of said were he’s currently looking, his legs are turned differently, his arms are clenched into a fist, etc. its not much changes but its different.


I do fanart, ive been doing it for most of my life. Why do people have a problem with that? People keep badgering me to make my own original characters. I made my own characters now but I still draw fanart and people still have a problem with that. I draw whatever I want  OCs I like it and im glad I was introduced to it. Ive surfed around deviantart looking at other artist and there own characters gaining inspiration and motivation to make my own with a story behind them. But I lack the strength to draw them right and well. I drew my main OC a few times and im still not satisfied. I hate it. Yeah I’m being impatient and I should draw him more until im satisfied.  I wanted to draw more fan art until I feel ready to draw my OCs but nooooo I gotta do what others say. If I want to start drawing other things then I’ll take it upon myself to draw other things that isn’t fanart. But even doing fanart I still can’t be original. I draw a Charizard for example and color it and it looks just like the original drawing. I like it but at the same time I hate it because it like the original drawing and not my own style. How will I develop my own style? Will it take years and years like everyone keeps saying to me? And why can’t I bring myself to draw when I need to but when I want to? Why am I just pure lazy at times when I want to draw this very moment and when I do draw it just doesn’t look right?


Also me being original is not just a problem with drawing but during my art class as well. I worry about myself but looking ta other kid’s artwork and how original there being. Like this one girl in my class. She draws but she dosent draw everyday (and she’s an amazing artist…like what?) she’s like a prodigy at photoshop and adobe illustrator and even being a traditional artist she’s still amazing (…and she doesn’t draw everyday…what?) and get this…she’s a year younger then me (…say wha…) look im not gonna rip on her talk smack about her and stuff because that would be mean if I talked behind her back, she’s my friend and she wouldn’t disrespect me behind her back and lets face it I doubt she’ll see this journal anyways so even if I wanted to there’d be no point. But I alsys say and its not just her but other artist ive met in real life who I envy that I’ll “surpass” them someday. Notice how I put “ “ on the word surpass. I say that but again im just lazy. I hate being lazy for too many days. But why can she draw so well? Did God himself give her a gift? A Blessing? Did she have to work to gain her talents? She dsoent even draw as much fan art…she dosent even have any original characters. Yeah…yeah im just jealous. She has a bright future ahead of her and she’ll being going half across the states doing what she loves to do. Meanwile I’ll be here…drawing pokemon all day everyday. Its frustrating and I’m just…* sigh * she has so many hobbies not just drawing and is mad popular but she’s humble about it. She’s not full of herself about it. Ugh im just so mad at myself. Do I really suck that bad that a girl younger then me is good at drawing on the computer and on paper. She a primary example of an original artist.


So how do I be original? For all you “smart” people out there. Do I draw characters  in a different pose? You guys are so smart right? How should I be original? I don’t wanan stop with fanart and focus on original characters but I don’t want to draw fanart forever…and eventually when I get into a different art class after I finish with the class im currently in I’ll be drawing realism stuff and still life stuff and more computer digital stuff and aaarrrrggghhh!!!!!


I’m just so disappointed in myself.


United States
Don't thank me for favs/watch it kinda gets annoying you know? i appreciate it thou…

go follow my instagram account i post more artwork their then here anyways

To Do List of Current Projects:
Oliver series:

(Main Protagonists)

Drawing Dani (Sketch, full body, color, reference)

Drawing Kuro (Sketch, full body, color, reference)

Drawing Donte (Push) Sketch, full body, color, reference)



Oliver’s weapon concepts, vechicle, outfit (update reference sheet…)

Pokemon Warrior Porject:

Warrior Pikachu (not started)

Gunner Pikachu (not started)

Brawler Grovyle and Brawler Pikachu (not started)

Warrior Marill (not started)

Pokemon Curruption Project:

Charizard (Mega X and Y)







Mewtwo(Mega X and Y)



Human Curruption Project:

Serena (Pokemon)

Cynthia (Pokemon)

Black Rock Shooter

Drawing other things:

Cloud (Advent Children)

(regularly and own art style)

Serena (Pokemon)

(regularly and own art style)

War (Darksiders)

(Regularly and own style)

Death (Darksiders 2)

Regularly and own style)

Sora (KH2) (Regualry and own style)

Sephiroth (regularly and Own style)

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