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Anthro Delphox by FantasyRebirth96
Anthro Delphox my first ever drawing of Delphox. i like it but at the same time i don't. i like how i drew her, the body proportions, the style of how i drew it. I'm proud of myself but...ugh its pretty much an anthro shaped pokemon weather you over sexualize it or not. weather you give it boobs or not it''ll still be shaped as a human and i think thats what the designers of pokemon were going i did my best to draw her the  way i would draw a human character.

Delphox belongs to Pokemon/Nintendo
Artwork belongs to Me!
Anthro Latias by FantasyRebirth96
Anthro Latias
so as you can tell by her legs that i...didnt draw her legs...i found it weird if i did cause if you look at Latias in general...she doesn't have any legs so wh should her anthro form have it?:O cause it'll look more humanoid? i mean look at pokemon like hitmochan or delphox...theyy practically shaped like humans....just give em boobs and BOOm your done :/

Latias belongs to Nintendo/Pokemon
Artwork belongs to Me!
Cosplaying ideas by FantasyRebirth96
Cosplaying ideas
(sorry sorry sorry for the crap quality and lack of color) logan got some ideas for some cosplaying xD

EDIT: i decided for him not to dress up as Sora from Kingdom Hearts so i erased the keyblade. I'm going to have him dress up as Kirito from sword art online and Darth Maul from Star Wars. i already did him dress up as Wa from Darksiders so thats a start.

Logan is my character so no stealing
Logan the Wolf by FantasyRebirth96
Logan the Wolf
yup heres my Sonic Fan Made Character Logan (sorry sorry sorry for the crap quality and lack of color) he's a swordsmen...and a wolf xD ill have him dress up as other swordsmen since that what he likes to do. cosplay as other swordsmen. but he is skilled with his own weapon as well so yeah xD he's a fast and also a heavy hitting swordsmen he also has two swords (but i didn't draw it in for...reasons...)

Logan belongs to Me!
Logan as War from Darksiders by FantasyRebirth96
Logan as War from Darksiders
And so Logan dresses up as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse
(i love how in the past drawing chaos eater was so easy and now how i drew it looks so weird and derpy:/)
Logan belongs to Me
War belongs to the Darksiders Series
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hey everyone i made a  fur affinity account! go and watch me and please tell me how to use this site cause i have no idea how :/…


United States
Don't thank me for favs/watch it kinda gets annoying you know? i appreciate it thou…

go follow my instagram account i post more artwork their then here anyways

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