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Afro Samurai Doodle by FantasyRebirth96
Afro Samurai Doodle
God i made him look so Asian...not to sound racist or to offend anyone at all. i should have drew a shadow over his face instead but...ugh:( i mean theres nothing else i can do with this but ill leave it as it is...

Afro Samurai belongs to who ever made Afro Samurai
Artwork belongs to Me!
WIP by FantasyRebirth96
do not steal! Original Character in Progress...
Grovyle Doodle by FantasyRebirth96
Grovyle Doodle
one of my favorite Pokemon so (and FINALLY) doodled this guy! i don't care what anyone says THIS guy INVENTED Leaf Blade! so awesome!

Grovyle belongs to Pokemon/Nintendo
Artwork belongs to Me!
Crona Doodle by FantasyRebirth96
Crona Doodle
just doodle big deal. Soul Eater is so awesome! I'm reading the manga now that i finished the anime its so...edgy! xD

Crona belongs to Soul Eater/Square Enix
Artwork belongs to Me!
Leavanny by FantasyRebirth96
a small gift for a good friend :iconbmania-sketchesiii: for making me this this is so amazing! my gift may be not as good for right now:( ill re draw this and it'll look more impressive but for now...

thanks again for the point commission! go check her out she's awesome!

Leavanny belongs to Pokemon/Nintendo
Artwork belongs to Me!

Well im still drawing. In all honesty I wanna finish up this one sketchbook of mind, I have a several pages left I wanna get done with so I can move on with my Personal Projects. In all honesty I plan on getting those Projects done around the summer when I get out of school. Hopefully till then I wont get distracted. Time…it can be your greatest enemy. But ill beat the clock and enjoy myself wile doing this drawings projects. And I wanna share them with you guys. The drawings in my casual sketchbook will be done in a few days (I wanna say…) a for my Drawing Porjects…well ill just list them. I wont go into detail too much on whats it about and all. But ill be brief about it.


Pokemon Warrior Project. This I wanted to do for a very long time now and I WILL get started on it. Its when I have a handful of pokemon and have them suit up for battle. For example. I draw Pikachu but then I draw him with a sword,  a jacket or a bullet proof vest something resistant to projectile. And maybe some armor for his arms and feet so they won’t get sliced off. Something like that?  Im open to suggestions but as for the pokemon ill chose which pokemon fit for battle.


Pokemon Corruption Project.  What does Corruption mean?  If we go to the Darksiders Wiki Page and look up Coruption…”Corruption is the force that causes many to commit evil and fall into madness. Corruption is usually seen physically as a black material that sticks to any surface, including living ones, and sometimes with yellow crystals”.

Yes im basing this project off of one of my favorite game of all time Darksiders 2. I like the idea of how they interpreted Corruption and I wanted to see what would happen if itd happen to Pokemon. Im open to suggestions on what other pokemon should submit to corruption but im gonna be picky about it. Im not gonna do em all you know xD


My Sonic Original Character. Yes I have a Sonic Original Character. His story and all those other stuff will be shown soon when I make his reference sheet. It’ll take some time. I plan on making a few more. Im doing this for fun so this might happen at anytime.


And last I came up with a new Project I cannot wait to start. Im feeling self conscious about it and its not 100% ready so I cant explain much in detail. Its not coming soon but…its coming xD I call this Project. The Versus Series. Similar to what some people do when they pin Fictional Characters against Each other but the difference is. I’m Doing it. MY WAY! Ill mainly focus on Fictional Characters and hey who knows…I might even do….Original Chaarcters from some of you guys on Deviantart hmmmmmmmmmmmm? But that’s in the distant future.


I wanna get all these other projects done first. School isn’t gonna bother me too much about getting my work done but problem is im a lazy idiot. But this time im trying to get my head straight and get done what ever I need to get done you know?  Trying not to waste anymore time casue soon im going to be in collage and get a job and I wont be able  o do whatever I want for much longer. I wanna make this count. And like I said I wanna share my drawings with all you guys and have fun. Also…*sigh* I have original characters but I don’t wanna focus on them yet as much as I want to. I wanna draw other things until I gain more ideas and draw out my original characters. Plus…now adays take yesterday for instants I got yelled at and blocked for having an opinion. I wasn’t being rude or anything I just said the person and I had the same opinion just slightly different and I was agreeing with him/her. But the person got mad at me and then blocked me without me explaining myself. That happened twice in one day and its beacasue I had a different opinion about an anime everyone loves and I don’t. im sorry I have different tastes but that dosent mean everyone has to treat me like a dirty bug on the floor. Goodness me its just an anime character. And I mean this for everything else, im not gonna agree with what everyone says about something. How can I be wrong about my opinion? I mean come on…


Well that’s it for now. More drawings yet to come!


United States
Don't thank me for favs/watch it kinda gets annoying you know? i appreciate it thou…

go follow my instagram account i post more artwork their then here anyways

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