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You all know how it goes right? when a caterpillar eats just enough leaves it finds a tree and wraps itself in a silky cocoon and after 1 day it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. in the Pokemon Movie 17 the caterpillar does not transform into a beautiful butterfly when it emerges from a cocoon. what emerges from a cocoon is a whole lot of bulls*it! (yeah ya'll thought i was gonna say destruction huh? NOPE!)

Before i go any further with this review if you haven't already go ahead and and read the synopsis on serebii. it's the New Pokemon move that came out it's not a video of the movie because the movie came out in theaters…in japan… but by the time the movie is streamed on an anime watching site and/or the english dub comes out you all may be able to watch. for now a synopsis came out and it's best if you read the summery before you read my review on it and i feel like doing a review on this to give off my opinion (and to blow off some steam…since you know i'm kinda upset at this movie). also i don't know how the animations and the acton scenes are like because the movie itself is't on the internet let alone on tv yet so i won't touch on that, i have seen previews but the movie i haven't seen fully. i'll be touching on the story and it's pros and cons. Oh! one more thing, if you hate spoilers don't read this journal. thanks. Happy Reading xD


So I won’t go over the Pokemon XY anime series beacause let’s face it this journal is pretty long as it is so I rather not explain too much. If you at least read the movie synopsis (ive been saying that word a lot lately :/ huh…) they you have a good idea what might be going on (if not….yeah sorry..) anyways the story is flat out terrible. Ok…so when the movie was first announced a poster came out and it looked like this… now if you don’t know what’s on the poster let me explain to you. It’s 10 MegaEvolved Pokemon standing under a white light (you know like your on American Idol and a light shines down on you and you have to sing a song and…yeah you get it…) and on the bottom it has Yveltal (Pokemon Y’s Mascot) and the logo for the 17th pokemon movie. I was like “wait…are the Mega Evolutions gonna fight Yveltal?” if so that would be EPIC!!! Tell me otherwise.


Think about it, if you’re a pokemon fan and you know what those poskemon on the poster can do tell me you wouldn’t be hyped to see those guys duke it out with the Pokemon of Destruction. Plus the animations for the XY anime has been getting better and now a movie is coming out that’s revolving around the XY series? That’s amazing, the fighting, the battles, the animations, aw man that would be amazing :D


And then…this poster came out…… * sigh * see…the thing is…aw who am I kidding ya’ll have no idea how upset I was looking at that poster. Are you kidding me? It’s gonna be yet ANOTHER cliché pokemon movie? Ash and his friends save a legendary cute looking pokemon form evil and save the day YAY! No…ugh….why…just why…


That pink pokemon crying in the middle of the poster….yeah it’s called Diancie. And I don’t like diancie…I don’t like how it can MegaEvolve too. don’t believe me?


They did this to promote the movie even more. Why I still don’t know the reason 100% but I think it’s because you know “diancie” is the “star” of the show so they have to make it look so awesome. But you know what? It really isn’t. it’s pointless. Why? What purpose does it serve? So it can be the hero who defeated yveltal in the end? (spoilers…see told ya)


Remember what I said about how I thought that the Mega Evolved Pokemon on the poster would battle yveltal? Yeah well can we agree on something? Do you think the movie would be better if the Mega Evolutions would battle yvetal in a climatic battle? Let me explain why and maybe I can sway you.


If you’ve seen some episodes of the XY anime they you’ve must of noticed something. No not the Characters, no not the new region but yes…the battles and the animations. They both gotten….quite better. I guess it’s because the anime wanted to make up for the tragedy known as the Black and White series (casue that as terrible…)The battle’s have gotten MUCH better. Not all the battles in the series so far but a good majority of them and the animations make them look even more epic. Yeah sure they rehash some scenes in the fight but it’s placed very well and it fits. Not all the time but sometimes. OLM Inc. is an animated production company who produced this movie and I will not be the least bit surprise that the animations and the action scenes in the 17th movie will be great. I’m expecting it to be great. What does this have anything to do with me though? Well how about we take the word diancie out of the title. See? Now it’s called Pokemon: The Cocoon of Destruction. See? 100% better. Like I said before, wouldn’t it be epic if the Mega Evolutions on the poster would battle it out with yveltal? Think about it. Think long and hard about it. Ugh it’s so hard to explain how the fight would go and how the story would be like. I can think it over but as of right now it would be a better movie then adding that stupid pink rock candy in the movie :/


Look I’m just some fanboy and all but wouldn’t that be a good idea? Why was I the only one who thought of this? Do you guys agree with me? Or you can a different idea. If you disagree then let me know by adding a comment to this journal.


If you haven’t already go ahead and read the synopsis if you wanna know what ive been talking about xD


Thanks for reading^^ Peace!


United States
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